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March new new

Green Check Pattern POLO

R 394.14R 242.55

Green Trousers With Pink Waistband

R 439.62R 257.71

Green Blouse

R 530.57R 318.34

Flower Pattern Top

R 333.50

Check Me Out Crop Sweater

R 363.82

Heart Pattern Jeans

R 591.21R 348.66

Go with the Flow Skater Skirt

R 272.87

Check Pattern Skirt

R 333.50

Subtly Sexy Knit Top

R 288.03

Purple Cargo Pants

R 394.14R 242.55

Heart Pattern Denim Skirt

R 485.10R 348.66

Check Pattern Midi Dress

R 485.10R 424.46

Spring Sweetheart Mini Dress

R 424.46R 257.71

Floral Pattern Cardigan

R 439.62R 363.82

Blue Crochet Tank Top

R 363.82R 288.03

Blue Solid Trousers

R 424.46R 363.82

Black Graphic Tee

R 303.18R 242.55

Red Flower Pattern Skirt with Bag

R 363.82R 272.87

Patchy Long Sleeve Shirt

R 333.50R 197.07

Ripped Out Bottom Jeans

R 515.41R 288.03

Zebra Pattern Flares

R 439.62R 257.71

Cow Print Jeans

R 545.73

All In Love Tie Dye Denim Jeans

R 651.85R 439.62

Little Bow Hollow Out Purple Cardigan

R 485.10R 424.46

Yellow Short Sleeve Blouse

R 439.62R 242.55

Patchwork Short Jeans

R 272.87R 212.23

Denim Short Jeans

R 288.03R 227.39

Green Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

R 545.73R 272.87

CIDER Floral Tank Top

R 121.27

Patchy Jeans

R 288.03

Floral Pattern Sweater Vest

R 363.82R 197.07

Rose Pattern Tank Top

R 136.43

Gradient Bleached Flares

R 363.82R 257.71

Heart on Pocket Jeans

R 485.10

Solid Halter Top

R 212.23R 166.75

CIDER Short Sleeve POLO

R 333.50R 197.07

Rainbow Stripe Pattern POLO

R 288.03R 227.39

Black Rib Mini Dress

R 318.34R 257.71

Blue Skies Tie Dye Jeans

R 515.41R 288.03

On Vacation Short Sleeve Button Up

R 348.66R 272.87

Don't Look At Me Sweater Vest

R 485.10

Cow Print Straight Leg Jeans

R 485.10

Candy Hearts Purple Tank Top

R 166.75

Wavy Print Mesh Top

R 242.55

Cherry Decorated Lace Cardigan

R 348.66

Bleached Stripes Jeans

R 439.62R 257.71
Cider is a taste, a state of mind, a celebration. We make trendy and affordable women's clothing, innovating towards a zero inventory future. Free shipping on orders over $59. Free domestic returns. Worldwide shipping.
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